Evan is a 20 years old student from Indonesia and is currently studying the subject of Industrial Engineering in Universitas Gadjah Mada (final year). Currently, he spends majority of his time freelancing as a researcher in an international research agency, serving clients from all over the world from the comfort of his bed. When he’s not busy saving the world, he prefers going to the gym, reading books, and writing on his blog and social media.

He possesses strong interest on topics related to business, management, marketing, and personal development. It comes as no surprise these are the things he most often write about. To channel his self-calling more elegantly, he founded an initiative called Business Talks (@bizztalks) where he has the freedom to express what he has learned over time, to communicate with like-minded individuals who share similar interest, and to expand his knowledge.

Realizing how blessed he is, Evan strives use his platform to make th by giving back, sharing knowledge, and inspiring others to pursue their goals.